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@lawrencetheband Lawrenceバージョンのクリスマスソングが日曜日のサッカー番組で流れたよ!!すっごい嬉しいね❤️🎄💚

Alibi Almost Grown And Many More Breakfast Casualty Cold Come on Brother Don't Lose Sight Don't Move Do You Wanna Do Nothing With Me? False Alarms (with Jon Bellion) Figure It Out (A Song Between Siblings) FRECKLES Friend or Enemy Hotel TV It's Gonna Be Me It's Not All About You Jet Lag Limbo Living Living Room Lyrics Make A Move Me & You Misty Morning More Oh no Play Around Probably Up Quarantined With You Shot Shot (Acoustic Session) Superficial The Heartburn Song The Last Song The Weather Thoughts From the ER (Silver Lining) Too Easy Try Try (Reprise) Wash Away Where It Started From Whoever You Are 歌詞和訳


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